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Ron Paul on the Rise…

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One Minute Political Commentary on Ron Paul and Freedom

Freedom for the secularists and Christians

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Ron Paul in 1988 on the war on drugs, government spending, welfare, and libertarianism

Only one update from 1988: Instead of being 2.6 trillion dollars in debt, the US is now 9 trillion dollars in debt.

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Another Democrat joins the rEVOLution…

I was one of those on that fence. Today I have decided to endorse Ron Paul for president of the United States.

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New Links…

Fred Thompson expected to drop out of the race after Iowa. Al Mohler to be nominated for SBC presidency.  The Side Affect of Universal Health care in Japan. My former professor Richard Pratt has been called by Independent Presbyterian Church … Continue reading

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Nick Gillespie explains Ron Paul’s foreign policy…

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