Auburn Avenue Conference 2008

I have just returned from Monroe, Louisiana. We drove 13 hours through some of the most beautiful southern sceneries. It was a long, but pleasant drive. At our arrival, we were greeted by our kind hosts. They were members of Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church. I have never been so kindly treated. I must say that southern kindness came through quite well. My many thanks to all who were so kind to me.

The Conference was a magnificent display of humor, scholarly discourse, a little more humor, and a lot of pastoral advice. Pastor Jeff Meyers delivered two lectures on his experiences as a pastor and how ministers ought to be patient with their congregations in order to achieve liturgical reformation. Pastor Douglas Wilson urged us to pursue liturgical reformation, but never at the expense of diminishing the importance of the preached Word. Pastor Peter Leithart spoke three times on the use of liturgical language in the Old and New Covenant. His talks with filled with theological gems. James Jordan spoke once –to the delight of most participants– who have learned from Jordan to sing the Psalms with fervor and triumph.

One of my greatest joys was to look around and see many young people singing with such enthusiasm and passion. The Psalms were part of who they were. The hymns were an extension of their vast liturgical knowledge.

Another great delight of the conference was meeting two of my favorite bloggers: Barbara Harvey who exemplifies class and kindness and Steven Wedgeworth whose knowledge has kept him alive at the RTS Jackson campus. It was great meeting both of you in person and I pray to see you again in the coming years.

After attending this conference I have a much better grasp as to why people continually attack these men: They attack them because they do not know them.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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4 Responses to Auburn Avenue Conference 2008

  1. So are you coming out in favor of exclusive psalmody, Uri, or simply saying, “Hey, this is cool!” I can live with a greater appreciation of Psalm singing, since we’re singing Scripture, after all. But I’ve seen too many folks who get exclusive, forgetting that there’s an awful lot of Scripture to sing, and even things to sing about not found in the Bible.
    What’s your thoughts on this?

  2. Ron Henzel says:

    You wrote: “Steven Wedgeworth whose knowledge has kept him alive at the RTS Jackson campus.” Is that a slam on RTS?

  3. apologus says:

    Nay brother…I have learned much from RTS professors.I have spoken many times with Dr. Duncan and Dr. Thomas. Two fine men…my comment was more a praise of my dear brother who holds to many positions that are not held at RTS Jackson and yet, survive minority status. I too feel the same way many times at RTS/ Orlando

  4. apologus says:

    Kenneth, no exclusive Psalmnody from my part, but some sympathy. I agree with your assessment. After all, Philippians 2 is also an early hymn.

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