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Ayn Rand’s Philosophy…

As a self-professing advocate of the free market, I often come across Ayn Rand. Rand–who is committed to objectivism and Aristotelian logic–defines her philosophy thusly: My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his … Continue reading

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The Lesson of Economics…

Henry Hazlitt is superb in his analysis of economics. What he wrote 50 years ago is still a vivid reminder that greedy politicians live to demagogue. These agents of self interest appear to solve the economic dilemmas of our time … Continue reading

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Free Credenda Subscription…

In the last seven years I have subscribed to probably 20-30 magazines, newsletters, etc. Most of them were free subscriptions, but only a few of them were worth reading from cover to cover. I am glad Credenda’s prosperity has become … Continue reading

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