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Waltke’s Old Testament Theology

Waltke’s Old Testament Theology is a masterful treatment of Biblical History. His high view of special revelation, his rich understanding of the Semitic languages, and his interaction with vast scholarship in the Old Testament field makes this Biblical Theology particularly … Continue reading

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The Humor of Sermon Translations…

I remember fondly the summer of 2000. I was the official translator of our soccer team in our mission trip to my homeland of Brazil. Our main speaker in the eight churches we ministered was the former president of a … Continue reading

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Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1

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Ayn Rand’s Philosophy…

As a self-professing advocate of the free market, I often come across Ayn Rand. Rand–who is committed to objectivism and Aristotelian logic–defines her philosophy thusly: My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his … Continue reading

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The Lesson of Economics…

Henry Hazlitt is superb in his analysis of economics. What he wrote 50 years ago is still a vivid reminder that greedy politicians live to demagogue. These agents of self interest appear to solve the economic dilemmas of our time … Continue reading

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Free Credenda Subscription…

In the last seven years I have subscribed to probably 20-30 magazines, newsletters, etc. Most of them were free subscriptions, but only a few of them were worth reading from cover to cover. I am glad Credenda’s prosperity has become … Continue reading

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Van Til, Evidence, and Fideism

The charge that Cornelius Van Til was a fideist has come from many camps. Clark Pinnock (now an open theist), leveled many attacks some decades ago attempting to discredit the proliferation of favorable responses to Presuppositionalism in the Reformed community. … Continue reading

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A Literary and Exegetical Study of Psalm 42 & 43, Conclusion

WORD FILE:  judges-to-poets-uris-paper.doc In verses 8-11, the psalmist continues with a litany of laments: my enemies oppress me (vs. 9), my bones suffer mortal agony (vs.10), my foes taunt me (vs. 10b), and my soul is disturbed and downcast (vs. … Continue reading

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