Book Review: 100 people who are screwing up America

I did mention in a previous post that Goldberg’s list was shrinking to about 50. After reading through the remaining figures, perhaps I exaggerated. I may agree with 80 names on his list. There are a lot of liberals listed and a small number of conservatives (emphasis on “small”). Goldberg’s 100 list are composed of people who fit the following three categories:

a) Those who are passionately seeking to de-moralize our culture through rampant sexuality and through legislation.

b) Those who use their position of power to manipulate others for the sake of their agenda.

c) And finally–this counts for over 50 of the names–those who oppose the Bush administration’s foreign policy on Iraq (ex. Noam Chomsky).

I am in full agreement with the first two qualifications, but the third one is a bit troubling. The impression I get from Goldberg is that it is immoral to disagree with Bush’s foreign policy in any manner. This is the presupposition Goldberg brings to this list. Of course, most, if not all that fit this third qualification are wrong on almost everything else, but is it just possible that criticizing America’s policy may be a patriotic approach? Must we always bow at the feet of our commander in chief simply because he holds our party flag? This is somewhat befuddling to me.

Goldberg is the male version of Ann Coulter (who was added to the list for some reason). His satirical skills are almost too overwhelming in this 300-page book. He is poignant and unafraid to challenge even those he has worked side by side for years in television. Goldberg has written a book on the liberal bias in the media, I wonder sometimes if he acknowledges his. On a positive note, he does well in strongly condemning those who wish to demolish our culture with the unsanitary language and images of Hollywood, but perhaps he should refrain from his neo-conservative pulpit and offer a little more understanding to those who honestly find this war offensive. But again, it’s his list.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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