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Obama only impresses the ignorant…

Douglas Groothuis: America On Line reports this about Obama’s remarks at Saddleback Church this evening, where he appeared with John McCain. Obama said that the country’s greatest moral failure was not doing enough for its underprivileged.”We still don’t abide by … Continue reading


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On Imperialism, Quote

“There was a time, seventy, eighty, a hundred years ago, that we Americans sat here in the western hemisphere, and puzzled over why British imperialists went to places like Iraq and Afghanistan. We viewed that sort of imperial adventurism with … Continue reading

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A Brief Homily on Love

I Corinthians 13 is a spectacular display of poetry. The poetry is so remarkable that young couples are compelled to use it as a part of their wedding ceremony. And that is a reasonable way of using the text; however, … Continue reading

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