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I am a one-issue voter…

Pro-Life in war and womb. Advertisements

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Sermon Notes on Psalm 84

Note: I have literally hundreds of sermons to choose from on my Ipod. This sermon interested me, since I preached on Psalm 42 some months ago. Kyle contrasts the two Psalms. Here are some notes I took from a sermon … Continue reading

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Sabbath Lecture Halls

Richard Pratt told us once in seminary that Presbyterian churches had turned their services into classrooms. At the time I was insulted by what appeared to be a defense of anti-intellectualism. I had run away from that tradition long ago … Continue reading

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Ron Paul’s Speech: The Rally for the Republic

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Thoughts on Parenting…

In chapter one of On Becoming Baby Wise, Gary Ezzo stresses that a baby needs a family. This does not mean that families ought to give up their lives and well-being so that the babies may be the controlling force … Continue reading

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A Neo-Con is a Neo-Con is a Neo-Con

Let us be frank. I think there is a good case to be made for Sarah Palin, as I have done in my previous post. And as Douglas Wilson has pointed out the issue of abortion is the first one … Continue reading

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The Betrayal of the Reformed Tradition by Andrew Sandlin

Note: My friend Daniel Ritchie quoted an extensive portion of an article written by Andrew Sandlin in 2001. The excerpt comes from an article Sandlin wrote for the National Reform Association. It is a strong repudiation of the dangerous ideas … Continue reading

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Quote, on John McCain

If there’s a good argument for John McCain, it might be that he’s old, has a history of serious illness, and has chosen Sarah Palin as his veep. —Scott McConnell

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