Santino’s, KJV Only and Freezing Weather

My first “day off” from work started with the coldest weather I have experienced in probably five years. Here in the great Milton, Florida the temperature read 34 degrees compared to the 59 degrees of Orlando. I had to defrost our van for quite some time in order to make driving visible. After years complaining about the absurd and intolerable weather Disney Land brought, now I have to adorn my body with a thick sweater in order to enjoy my morning walk.

But the cold weather brought a warm and friendly time at Santino’s. I had lunch with two sharp students from New Saint Andrews. I learned quite a bit about the Holy Land of Moscow, ID. They are home enjoying their vacation, and since all good things must end, they wanted to savor a bite of a steak grinder while I enjoyed the meat-lovers grinder (think grilled sandwich enriched with happy calories).

To top off my already pleasant morning, I heard a knock. Who could this be? How can I forget so quickly that I am in KJV land. Yes, door-knocking evangelism; that lost art. Immediately I found myself confronted by that famous question: What would I say if Jesus asked why should I let you into my heaven? I quickly glanced at the pamphlet he gave me, which read: “we believe in the KJV 1611,” then answered “because I have been united to Christ.”  I am not sure he expected such an answer, but he seemed satisfied. I simply couldn’t let him go that easily. I had to keep him long enough to satisfy all my curiosities. I asked him questions about Peter Ruckman, Pensacola Christian, fundamentalism, etc. Of course, in between every question I asked, he interjected with a question about my salvation. Did I mention that he stood there and quoted about 20 verses in the KJV? Oh, the memories. I am not sure if I was his guinea pig or if he was mine, though in the end we were both satisfied: he was certain I was a Christian and now I am better informed about the oddities of this new land.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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1 Response to Santino’s, KJV Only and Freezing Weather

  1. Tom says:

    Wow! That is great. The good old days. I bet they’re still memorizing and quoting the same old classic verses.


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