Psalm 139 and Richard Dawkins

On this second Sunday after the Epiphany (January 18th), I will be preaching on Psalm 139. Psalm 139 is an exposition of the attributes of God. His omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence are clearly revealed in this glorious chapter. Particularly, Psalm 139 is an exposition of life; the human life in and out of the womb. It necessarily entails how we are to view the human life in the womb and how we are to view it outside the womb.  It is the outside of the womb part that atheists are so concerned about. They know that in a sense, they have gained a strong victory concerning a human being in the womb. That is, if it/he/she (however they define it) will be an unnecessary burden, then a mother has the right to destroy that life. This is in itself a tragedy. A tragedy that has been brought about the failure of the church.

But the area where atheists seek to impose their ideology is in the education of children. Since they have control of the womb, they are also seeking dominion outside of it. This is most clearly taught by atheist Professor Richard Dawkins. Dawkins believes that children who are taught what they ought to believe are being abused. He has said in a forum that it is wicked to tell a child that he/she is a Christian. His point is that chldren are to think for themselves and parents should not exert their influence in framing the thought process of their own offspring. Dawkins would be shocked to know that not only are we to teach that they are Christians from their earliest days, but that we purposefully indoctrinate them with a theocratic agenda; an agenda that will produce more parents with the same agenda.


About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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