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Trinity Sunday: Onward Trinitarian Soldiers, Isaiah 6:1-7

Providence Church (CREC) Trinity Sunday June 7th, 2009, 19th sermon Sermon: Onward Trinitarian Soldiers Text: Isaiah 6:1-6 Pastor Uriesou T. Brito Text: Isaiah 6:1-6 In the year that King Uzziah died I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high … Continue reading

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Trinity Sunday Exhortation

As Thomas Adams once said, “It is rashness to search, godliness to believe, safeness to preach, and eternal blessedness to know the Trinity.” Psalm 29 says that in His palace everything says: glory! Our Covenant Renewal Worship teaches us to … Continue reading

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Saturday Psalter

Audio: Psalm 118, Genevan Psalter Lyrics: Book of Praise 1984

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Perspectives on the Tiller Shooting

Ann Coulter’s 49 Million to Five Douglas Wilson’s Don’t Start What You Cannot Finish Ramesh Ponnuru: Responding to Saletan on Killing Abortionists

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Exodus: A Christian Imperative

My dear brother Pastor Rob Hadding has written an excellent paper on why Christians are to withdraw their children from government schools.

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Pentecost Sermon: Acts 2:1-21, The Prophethood of All Believers

A sermon on Pentecost. Continue reading

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