Joel McDurmon and Zeitgeist

51zs1UmT-1L._SL500_AA240_My friend Joel McDurmon, author of Zeitgeist: The Movie Exposed was interviewed earlier today in the Detroit Christian Radio. The audience continues to be interested, if not, captivated by DaVinci Code-like documentaries. Zeitgeist was quite a hit with popular atheists, and even some Christians became “mystified” with such perplexing historical data. Bill Maher seems to have followed in the same path by producing “Religulous.” Religulous is  a mere continuation of the Zeitgeist phenomenon, using the humor and wit of Bill Maher who amuses thousands.  The argument made by these documentaries is fairly simple: There are many religious stories told of a man (Horus, as one example) born of a virgin, dying on a cross and being raised from the dead. Jesus’ story is very similar. Therefore, Jesus’ story is derived from other religious stories, thus making the Jesus’ story a mythical story.”

This line of reasoning is hardly persuasive. Because past events  have similarities to future events, the conclusion is not that a future event must have copied a past event. As Joel pointed out, the problem with Zeitgeist (and other similar documentaries) is that these claims–that are said to be closely identical to Christ’s story– cannot be verified 200px-Zeitgeist-themovieby any reliable source. Mr. McDurmon observes that many of these stories came from the mouths of few liberal 19th century critics who were dismissed as illegitimate even in their own day. The reality, as Joel observes, is that these are just re-hashing of old heresies.

The Messiah’s story is a historical story, as attested by over 500 witnesses. Even if such similar stories could be unearthed and proved authentic, yet the story of the resurrected Christ is utterly supreme. Unlike these so-called stories where a man was raised only to die again, in the Biblical story, Jesus is raised to exaltation.

These sorts of documentaries are successfully made and produced because there is a market for such ignorance. Christians need to acknowledge and assume at the outset that no historical data is neutral. The humanists will always twist history to affirm their own secular and anti-Christian ideologies. The fool says in his heart there is no god.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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