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Who Wrote Hebrews? A Case for Pauline Authorship, Pat II

What is the external evidence for Pauline authorship of Hebrews? The great Puritan John Owen, the author of seven volumes on the book of Hebrews[1]– the first two volumes alone are only an introduction to the book– says the following: … Continue reading

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Hebrews and Warnings

In preaching through Hebrews I am constantly confronted (Chapters 2,3,6 & 10) with the idea that these Jewish believers are actually true “brethren” and not just some folks pretending to be Christians. These are actual members of the household. Thus, this makes … Continue reading

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Sam Storms on Premillennialism

Justin Taylor posted some observations on premillennialism and Sam Storms’ article on why he became an Amillennialist. Though–as a postmillennialist–I would have several problems with Amillennialism, nevertheless Sam provides some excellent thoughts that exclude a Premil interpretation of the New … Continue reading

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