What’s with the Blog?

This blog has been in existence for over five years. I probably average 120 hits a day. In the world of blogs, this is just average. As I look back to my early posts there is a progression of thought. Life is maturation! In these last two years I have increasingly grown aware of my individualism. I do not want to be individualistic. A quick survey through my sermon archive proves that they are always ecclesio and covenant centered. But individualism is sneaky! When you desire to become more covenantal, individualism always creeps in to take you back to your magic closet.

In many ways this blog has expressed that form of individualism. I think it was a mixture of Chesterton, Schmemann, and other thinkers that have stressed in a profound manner the necessity to live as church to the world. Practically, this does not mean deleting or avoiding the journal-nature of blogging; we do not have to give up our individuality to be covenantal, but we do need to think of our individuality in light of the covenant.

As a pastor, I write about ten pages a week. Sermons, exhortations, meditations, theological papers, etc. These are all related to the church. “But the Church activity and liturgy is not as important as the political turmoil in Afghanistan,” is it? My conclusion is that it is. From the church flows the wisdom of God to the world, says Paul.

This is why I have purposefully added my church work to this blog. I want people to know that some out there care about the church and her activity; care about how she ministers in word and sacrament. There can be no complete view of life apart from a love for the church and her mission.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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