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On-Line Article (s) I Read Today, X

The Fatal Conceit by David Brooks (NYT)

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Wilson vs. Hitchens on Joy Behar

Good Without God? Joy Behar brings Wilson and Hitchens to continue their Collision tour. After watching this debate I can only think of one word for Wilson: uncompromising.

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Government and Hubris

David Brook’s Op-Ed piece in the New York Times is quite insightful. He argues that “humans are overconfident creatures.” They tend to assume that they are smarter than they really are. But it seems that this human overconfidence has been … Continue reading

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Baptismal Regeneration, Two-Kingdom Theology, and all that jazz!

Some qualifications need to be made. Perhaps I have come across as someone who detests the entire project of the Westminster West gang. Most days that’s how I wanna come across; but then on those 65 degree-days in Florida when … Continue reading

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