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Ron Paul has Republicans and Democrats on his side…

…says Politico. Is libertarian rock star and Texas Republican Ron Paul going mainstream? He’s got everyone from South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint to Minnesota moderate Democrat Collin Peterson to California liberal Barbara Boxer on his side in his audit-the-Fed … Continue reading

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Trinity Talk Discusses Eastern Orthodoxy with Steven Wedgeworth

All 3 installments are now up: 1, 2, and 3. Wedgeworth’s Blog  

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Advent and Penitence

A fellow CREC minister Toby Sumpter writes: Today is the first Sunday in Advent and this season has historically been understood and celebrated as a season of preparation and penitence. And it might seem odd to us as we begin … Continue reading

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New Covenant Theology and the Decalogue, Part I

I have begun reading Richard Barcellos’ In Defense of the Decalogue. The book is a critique of New Covenant Theology. I first came across New Covenant Theology (NCT) in my third year of college. In those days I was transitioning … Continue reading

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