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Federal Vision and the URCNA

Wedgeworth writes: Well, the URCNA FV report is just as bad as the rest of them.  Bill DeJong has done the slow and steady work of showing how they purposefully omit the qualifications which FV writers make.  You can see … Continue reading

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Numbers in Luke 3

Leithart writes: The genealogy of Jesus in Luke 3 contains 77 names. Several commentators suggest that the names are arranged in 11 groups of 7, and that there is a pattern of 7s (groups of 2 and 3 7s) that … Continue reading

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Unacceptable Dualisms

Douglas Wilson writes: … in order to reject these unacceptable dualisms, we must insist upon a biblical and absolutely necessary dualism — the antithesis between faith and unbelief, the antithesis between the heart that has been born again and the … Continue reading

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Obama’s War in Afghanistan

Bob Herbert’s op-ed piece in the New York Times is devastating. President Obama will announce this evening that he plans on sending thousands of American troops to Afghanistan. According to Herbert, this is a war that “has lasted most of … Continue reading

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The Manhattan Declaration and the Lordship of Christ

Andrew Sandlin responds to John Macarthur in his latest article Lordship Salvation is Not Enough: But the fact is, the state must never be about the Gospel or redemption, only about justice (Rom. 13:1–7).  We have a name for political … Continue reading

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