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A Pastor’s Note: Christmas and Lordship

In the last few years The New York Times has been publishing several articles on Christmas and religious displays. In one article published in 2004, the author complains about the lack of Christian themes in modern Christmas music, while another … Continue reading

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New Covenant Theology and the Decalogue, Part III

Part I, Part II Editor’s Note: Thanks to Greg Gibson for some helpful insights and quotes. Preface Covenant and Dispensational theologians have long debated the issue of continuity and discontinuity. Barcellos notes that New Covenant theology is ” a recent … Continue reading

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Calvin the Arian?

Leithart writes: Clarke’s account of the Reformed tradition is hardly fair; as Richard Muller has shown (Christ and the Decree), the Reformed tradition has always affirmed that election is “in Christ.”  Yet, Clarke may be right to wonder if, when … Continue reading

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