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It is necessary…

In Luke 2:49, the author stresses Jesus’ response to Mary’s inquiry about his whereabouts. Jesus’ answer is one of “must-ness.” Hendriksen notes that “the fact that his entire life was controlled by the divine ‘must’ (indicates that he) was in … Continue reading

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The Preaching of the Word of God in the Liturgy

Speaker: Pastor Uriesou Tenorio Brito Date: 12/27/2009 More audio from Providence Church Pensacola Topic: Exhortation Price: FREE Download Outline

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The Future of the Blogosphere…

Trevin Wax concludes: Where will blogging go in the 2010’s? I’m not sure. I suspect that the initial stage of the blog wave is over. What we are seeing now is the maturation of the blogosphere, as blogging continues to … Continue reading

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Jesus the New Samuel

Jesus experienced the various stages of human growth. Luke’s account echoes I Samuel 2. Jesus is the greater Samuel.

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Jesus and Learning

The apocryphal writers were fond of treating the human nature of Jesus like the divine nature of Jesus. They attributed omniscience and mighty powers to the human nature of Jesus.  But Luke tells us what the author of Hebrews confirm: … Continue reading

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Ministering to the Dying this Christmas…

CREC minister Toby Sumpter reflects on their labor to the dying this Christmas: I don’t know her name, but she is barely alive in the shrunken shell of the body God gave her. She lays under blankets and peers out … Continue reading

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