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Merit or “Entitlement” in Reformed Covenant Theology

Here is the lengthy response to Klinean covenantalism in Kerux Journal.

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Leithart on Reason

“Come let us reason together,” Isaiah says.  An exhortation to logical deduction with the help of syllogism? Certainly, logic and syllogisms are involved, but the verb “reason” (yakach) is commonly translated as “argue” (Job 13:15) or “dispute” (Job 13:3; 22:4) or … Continue reading

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A New Podcast: Through New Eyes

Hi. I am Uri Brito, pastor of Providence Church in Pensacola, Fl. Through New Eyes is the name of a new blogtalkradio show I have started. This show will be within a 15-30 minute time frame, focusing mainly on theological … Continue reading

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