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Merit or “Entitlement” in Reformed Covenant Theology

Here is the lengthy response to Klinean covenantalism in Kerux Journal.

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Leithart on Reason

“Come let us reason together,” Isaiah says.  An exhortation to logical deduction with the help of syllogism? Certainly, logic and syllogisms are involved, but the verb “reason” (yakach) is commonly translated as “argue” (Job 13:15) or “dispute” (Job 13:3; 22:4) or … Continue reading

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A New Podcast: Through New Eyes

Hi. I am Uri Brito, pastor of Providence Church in Pensacola, Fl. Through New Eyes is the name of a new blogtalkradio show I have started. This show will be within a 15-30 minute time frame, focusing mainly on theological … Continue reading

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Season of Epiphany

Jeff Meyers provides a great summary of Epiphany: What does Epiphany mean? The English word is derived from the Greek epiphainein, which means “to appear” or “manifest.” The Epiphany season has to do with the Lord’s manifestation or appearance to … Continue reading

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Saturday Psalter

Restoring the Psalms by James B. Jordan We’ve got to get the psalms back into the warp and woof of worship and life. But how do we do that, when nothing is readily available, and so many of us have … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter on Christianity

Ann Coulter responds to the liberal accusation that Hume should not have spoken of faith in a political setting. She states why Christianity is so hard for liberals to accept: Christianity is also the hardest religion in the world because, if … Continue reading

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2010 Auburn Avenue Pastor’s Conference

The Pastors’ Conference was o of the best I have attended. This is how you can listen to them: You can download the talks if you go here. You can order a set of CDs or an MP3 CD with … Continue reading

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Auburn Avenue Pastor’s Conference 2010

I will be at AAPC from Monday through Wednesday.

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Communion Meditation: Where is Jesus?

Brothers and Sisters, many people today are asking “Where is Jesus?” and many people are looking in the wrong places. They are looking for Jesus in charismatic leaders, in signs and wonders, and within themselves. But did you know that … Continue reading

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Saturday Psalter

Psalm 148 from the Cantus Christi sung at Trinity Church.

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The Five Best Movies I Saw In 2009

As the New Year begins, I reflect ever-so-briefly on some of the most memorable movies of 2009. There were many others  I could add to this list, but these were the ones, which for various reasons made my list. Dan … Continue reading

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