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On-Line Article (s) I Read Today, XVIII

The Academy Smiles with Both Faces (NYT) “Some Academy Awards veterans said that with its awards spread around, the Oscars began to look more like the Golden Globes, the show whose organizers, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, perennially disperse prizes … Continue reading

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Guinness and Eschatology

Postmillennialists believe in the progress of the gospel. We also believe in the long-term societal effects of the gospel. Thus, it is not uncommon for certain Postmillennial institutions to make long-term plans. In reading through Mansfield’s excellent work on Arthur … Continue reading

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Music and Paul

I Corinthians 14 ties some significant themes together. It ties musical instruments with battle; Singing with the mind; Amens with Thanksgiving, etc.; all under Paul’s central theme of intelligibility. Hence, music is intelligible, corporate, joyful, and a call to battle. … Continue reading

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