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Is neutrality possible?

Richard Pratt writes in Every Though Captive (1979) that sometimes sense experience is suggested as a sphere of neutrality . “It is supposed,” he says, ” that the non-Christian sees and hears the same things the Christian does and that there … Continue reading

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On the possibility of neutrality…

Jesus says: He who is not with me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me scatters (Matthew 12:30).

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The Prodigal Jonah…

Aaron Gunsaulus observes a few of the similarities between the Prodigal Son and Jonah: …the repentance of the most unlikely candidate(s) ; the anger over someone else’s repentance and acceptance; patient explanation by the one accepting the one(s) who repented; … Continue reading

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On Baptism

In baptism itself we are neither promising God that we will do something, nor are we asking God to do something, we are watching him do something.–Rob Rayburn

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Communion Meditation: Ambassadors of the Completed Word

Brothers and sisters, bread and wine is here for us. Now that the Word of God, the perfect has come, we have the fullness of truth. But the same Word calls us to celebrate this meal. The Gospel has been … Continue reading

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LOST thoughts…

Ben Linus’ “cause he is the only one who will have me” line was superb. It was well delivered and powerful. Is Linus seeking true repentance? Is he going through a death/resurrection? Will his relationship with villain Locke be severed? Better yet, … Continue reading

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