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Posture is Important

Joel Garver writes: Posture in worship is important. If we don’t permit our teens to slouch, shuffle, and stare at the ground when we are addressing them, how can we say posture is unimportant when we come into the presence … Continue reading

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On Certain Forms of Contemporary Worship…

There is a familiarity, an ease, almost a glibness toward God in this worship that communicates to no one that he is a consuming fire, or that he is angry with the wicked every day, or that his eyes are … Continue reading

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Congregational Participation?

Rev. Robert Rayburn writes: But, that is true also even in the matter of congregational participation. The new contemporary service of American Protestantism is more a service to be watched by the congregation than even the traditional Protestant service of … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: Sacramental Prophecy

Brothers and sisters, God is among us as we eat and drink with His beloved Son. The gospel heard and now the gospel eaten. Herein in is prophecy and truth, that Christ has provided eternal food and drink for his … Continue reading

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Bucer on Sacraments

Performative signs & what it means to receive in faith And therefore, when the faithful, believing theses words and not doubting that they are addressed by the Lord to themselves (that they were in fact spoken only to them is … Continue reading

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