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The Federal Vision in Two Minutes or Less, Part IV

Part I, Part II, Part III On this fourth post in a series of introductory remarks on the Federal Vision, my intention is to summarize Douglas Wilson’s two lectures on the Federal Vision, while adding a few salient remarks of my … Continue reading

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The Nature of God vs. God

Peter Leithart observes: Does the phrase “nature of God” mean anything other than “God”? What is added by adding “nature”? If the phrase refers to God’s attributes, well and good, though I prefer the more personalist connotations of “attributes.” But … Continue reading

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Is neutrality possible?

Richard Pratt writes in Every Though Captive (1979) that sometimes sense experience is suggested as a sphere of neutrality . “It is supposed,” he says, ” that the non-Christian sees and hears the same things the Christian does and that there … Continue reading

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On the possibility of neutrality…

Jesus says: He who is not with me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me scatters (Matthew 12:30).

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The Prodigal Jonah…

Aaron Gunsaulus observes a few of the similarities between the Prodigal Son and Jonah: …the repentance of the most unlikely candidate(s) ; the anger over someone else’s repentance and acceptance; patient explanation by the one accepting the one(s) who repented; … Continue reading

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On Baptism

In baptism itself we are neither promising God that we will do something, nor are we asking God to do something, we are watching him do something.–Rob Rayburn

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Communion Meditation: Ambassadors of the Completed Word

Brothers and sisters, bread and wine is here for us. Now that the Word of God, the perfect has come, we have the fullness of truth. But the same Word calls us to celebrate this meal. The Gospel has been … Continue reading

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LOST thoughts…

Ben Linus’ “cause he is the only one who will have me” line was superb. It was well delivered and powerful. Is Linus seeking true repentance? Is he going through a death/resurrection? Will his relationship with villain Locke be severed? Better yet, … Continue reading

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A Sign for the Unbelieving Jews

In Isaiah 28 God says that He will bring foreign tongues to speak in Israel “as a judgment to wake up his people and turn them from their sins.”The context of Isaiah’s prophecy is about the coming invasion of Israel … Continue reading

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Corinthian Misunderstanding

The Corinthians do not understand that the world before them is changing. Something radical and cosmic is beginning to take place in their midst. And because of this misunderstanding, they are not living as they ought. Paul’s instruction is a … Continue reading

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On-Line Article (s) I Read Today, XVIII

The Academy Smiles with Both Faces (NYT) “Some Academy Awards veterans said that with its awards spread around, the Oscars began to look more like the Golden Globes, the show whose organizers, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, perennially disperse prizes … Continue reading

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Guinness and Eschatology

Postmillennialists believe in the progress of the gospel. We also believe in the long-term societal effects of the gospel. Thus, it is not uncommon for certain Postmillennial institutions to make long-term plans. In reading through Mansfield’s excellent work on Arthur … Continue reading

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Music and Paul

I Corinthians 14 ties some significant themes together. It ties musical instruments with battle; Singing with the mind; Amens with Thanksgiving, etc.; all under Paul’s central theme of intelligibility. Hence, music is intelligible, corporate, joyful, and a call to battle. … Continue reading

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My Mind is Unfruitful…

Paul’s central in concern in I Corinthians 14 is for intelligibility in the body. Un-interpreted tongues serve no purpose to the body at large. Charles Hodge sees the phrase “my mind is unfruitful” in 14:14 to mean that since his … Continue reading

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On Robes

At Providence the elders wear white robes. This is a shift from the traditional Calvinist black robes used by pastors for hundreds of years. Why the change to white robes? Paquier summarizes well our sentiments: The Genevan gown, this anti-liturgical, … Continue reading

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Ron Paul CEO

Writes Ryan Jaroncyk: Like him or hate him, Dr. Ron Paul doesn’t just talk a big game about fiscal conservatism, he lives it. In 2008, his congressional office returned $58,000 to the Treasury. In 2009, his office returned $90,000. Now, according … Continue reading

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Wine Defined, part 2

Here is the conclusion of our interview with Dr. Kenneth Gentry & Dr. James Jordan on the use of Wine.

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Michael Owens and James B. Jordan on the Genevan Psalter

This is a helpful e-mail interaction between Michael Owens and our pianist Jim Jordan on how to sing the Genevan Psalter.

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The Preterist Podcast

My friend Dee Dee Warren re-airs our Trinity Talk interview on hyper-preterism. Take a listen and go ahead and spend some time perusing through her informative and resourceful website.

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