Waltke and Evolution, part 2

My former professor and friend Chuck DeGroat has asked me to place the following clarifications from Bruce Waltke regarding his video on evolution. Here are his points of clarification:

From Bruce:

1. I had not seen the video before it was distributed.  Having seen it now, I realize its deficiency and wish to put my comments in a fuller theological context.

2. Adam and Eve are historical figures from whom all humans are descended; they are uniquely created in the image of God and as such are not in continuum with animals.

3. Adam is the federal and historical head of the fallen human race just as Jesus Christ is the federal and historical head of the Church.

4. I am not a scientist, but I have familiarized myself with attempts to harmonize Genesis 1-3 with science, and I believe that creation by the process of evolution is a tenable Biblical position.  I apologize for giving the impression that others who seek to harmonize the two differently are not credible. I honor all who contend for the Christian faith.

5. Evolution as a process must be clearly distinguished from evolutionism as a philosophy.  The latter is incompatible with orthodox Christian theology.

6. Science is fallible and subject to revision.  As a human and social enterprise, science will always be in flux.  My first commitment is to the infallibility (as to its authority) and inerrancy (as to its Source) of Scripture.

7. God could have created the Garden of Eden with apparent age or miraculously, even as Christ instantly turned water into wine, but the statement that God “caused the trees to grow” argues against these notions.

8. I believe that the Triune God is Maker and Sustainer of heaven and earth and that biblical Adam is the historical head of the human race.

9. Theological comments made here are mostly a digest of my chapters on Genesis 1-3 in An Old Testament Theology (Zondervan, 2007).

Bruce Waltke, Professor of Old Testament
Reformed Theological Seminary “

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I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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2 Responses to Waltke and Evolution, part 2

  1. Rick says:

    So do you still agree with Wilson 100% in light of this?

    You might also want to link to the announcement on Biologos, since it is a more official account of what led to this video and what happened after.

    I’m really disgusted with the blog posts that have been swirling around since the video was posted (especially Philips’ on Ref21). Pastors should not be so quick to dismiss what he’s saying, especially considering his credentials and his commitment to the church. Sad.

  2. Uri Brito says:

    Rick, I actually do agree with Wilson, though I am glad Waltke clarified that we, young earthers are not cultish…glad to know. But Biologos says this: Dr. Waltke himself indicated that he still agreed with the content of the video. Indeed, Dr. Waltke has written previously on his support for theistic evolution (discussed here).
    Theistic evolution is a cancer. I am not so sure how he intends to reconcile a historical Adam with a evolutionary theory, even if it is theistic. I will be waiting. All this to say, what he said anew did not undo his commitment to science as a neutral endeavor.

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