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Communion Meditation: The Strangeness of the Eucharist

Brothers and sisters, what we are about to do is strange, different, other-wordly to the unbeliever, but for us it is common, simple, and edifying. It is the very heart of our faith; it is communion in the body; it … Continue reading

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The Bird and Baby

These guys had the audacity and courage to invite me to become a contributor. Brave indeed. Peruse their website and become a member.

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CREC sermons database

I have been continually updating this page. My goal is to provide a sermon for every text of the Bible preached by CREC ministers. And by the way, check out our updated denominational website.

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Rand Paul on the New York Times

This type of interview is quite revealing. The questioner cannot fathom a country where people are free to make their own decisions within constitutional boundaries. He also seems to think there is a parallel between the necessary rules and regulations … Continue reading

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Exhortation: Easter Catechism

Brother and Sisters, Paul writes that the resurrected Christ … must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. Let me provide for you a short Easter catechism. Paul says that Christ, who is now reigning, must … Continue reading

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Legal Gospel in Turretin

Douglas Wilson found this gem from Turretin. It should settle the issue, but trust me, it will not. “The Mosaic covenant may be viewed in two aspects: either according to the intention and design of God and in order to … Continue reading

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