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Ann Coulter on Justice Stevens’ Sanity/Insanity

Two observations about retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens are about to become established fact by sheer repetition. The first — that Stevens is the last Protestant on the court — is not true in any meaningful sense. The … Continue reading

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Greg Gibson on New Covenant Theology

My interview/podcast with Greg Gibson is now available for download and stream.

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153 in John 21

Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land, full of large fish, a hundred and fifty-three; and although there were so many, the net was not torn ( John 20:11). Most Bible readers would simply skip over this … Continue reading

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Anthony Flew Dies at 87

Jamin Hubner writes: Anthony Flew died at age 87 on April 8. He was a hardcore atheist until 2004, when he said that he was a generic theist, probably due to design arguments. When asked by Gary Habermas if he is … Continue reading

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The New and Improved Face to Face

I have interviewed Steve Wilkins on Trinity Talk and written a review of his book Face to Face. Providence Church used his book last year for our summer book study and it was immensely profitable. Now, Face to Face has … Continue reading

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The Reconstructionists are still alive…

… Sarah Posner thinks so.

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My Distinctives…

Try typing the word “distinctives” in a word document and you will see that annoying red line underneath it telling you that your average grammatical skills are diminishing with each red line. Theologically, the word comes in handy. We are … Continue reading


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Check it out…

I am always encouraging people to start their own blogs…so, when I found out that my old college friend Craig Hurst started one I had to plug it. Here it is!

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