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On-Line Article (s) I Read Today, XXI

Anthony Flew, Philosopher and Ex-Atheist, Dies at 87 by William Grimes Let the Koreans take care of the Koreans by Doug Bandow This is a ludicrous position for both the U.S. and South Korea, six decades after Washington saved a … Continue reading

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The Defeat of a “god”

R.J. Rushdoony summarizes the historical context of the Feast of Dedication in John 10:22: “(Antiochus) believed that He was God on earth. It was common to believe that the incarnation was in the state and in the person of the … Continue reading

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John 20:1-14 Two Fires, Two Communities, One Lord

Sermon Audio Sermon: People of God, Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! C.S. Lewis once wrote: that “Symbols are the natural speech of the soul, a language older and more universal than words.”[1] The gospel of St. John is … Continue reading

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Know Surely…

… that you did not come to Christ because God looked down the corridors of time and saw your free choice, rather, God in His rich mercy poured His grace upon you, so your eyes would be open to see … Continue reading

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