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A Brave New World

TableTalk’s April edition features several articles on media, technology, etc. and its affect on our society. Burk Parsons offers a few helpful thoughts in his initial article. He observes how much families have changed. Even their conversations have changed. It … Continue reading

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Summarizing The Federal Vision, Part V

Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV After several preliminary comments, Wilson recommends the Federal Vision Joint Statement. The statement provides a series of points in which all FV proponents are in agreement, and it concludes with some areas in which … Continue reading

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Sheep and Grace

This life as sheep is a secure life; it is an eternal life, but it also a life of perseverance in grace and by grace. Grace is never absent from obedience and faithfulness. If God is gracious to bring us … Continue reading

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Ron Paul takes on Chris Matthew

I saw this video this morning and thought Paul did quite good. There are always things I wish he would have said, but I do not love the man because of his rhetorical abilities, but his philosophy. Speaking of philosophy, … Continue reading

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