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Blessed Mary…

Joel Garver points out the foolishness of treating Mary as the true anti-type of Eve, as Jesus is the true anti-type of Adam: In the case of Adam we have a figure who typologically points forward to Christ. This type, however, … Continue reading

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Festal Laughter

Peter Leithart quotes sections of Mikhail Bakhtin’s Dialogic Imagination and Rabelais and his World. In his discussion of laughter in the Medieval Ages, Bakhtin talks about how laughter invaded certain celebrations in the Church Year. In particular, he references the … Continue reading

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Trinity Talk Interview on J.R.R. Tolkien

My interview with Mark Horne on J.R.R. Tokien is now available.

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Exhortation: Jesus and Trinity

Grace, Mercy, and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Sometimes it is easy to go back to our early days in the Christian faith. Back then everything was so simple. We believed in Jesus, … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: One and the Many

Brothers and Sisters, that God is One means that we eat and drink together as One. We are united worshiping Father, Son, and Spirit. This is our creed. That God is three means we recognize differences in the body of … Continue reading

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Nancy Wilson at Trinitas

Nancy Wilson addressed the eleven female graduates at Trinitas Christian School.

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On-Line Articles I’ve Read this week, XXVI

Ending Explanations of LOST In the end, for me, LOST was a touchstone show that dealt with faith, the afterlife, and all these big, spirtual questions that most shows don’t touch. And to me, they never once waivered from their … Continue reading

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Steve Wilkins vs. Mr. Anti-FV

I have discussed FV in various places on this blog.  People are tired of hearing me say, “yes, we love babies!” or “yes, we like bread and wine,” or “yes, we like serious church worship, etc.” But some out there … Continue reading

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Resurrection Reality

Part II

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Incomprehensible Jargon

Darrel Johnson in his Experiencing the Trinity writes that Thomas Jefferson wanted to do away with the Trinity because of the “incomprehensible jargon of  Trinitarian arithmetic.” Jefferson wanted to go back to the simple doctrine of Jesus. The problem, writes … Continue reading

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Foxy News

Doug Wilson’s article on the Washington Post is terrificly rich and risky. Read it.

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Living in the Trinity

The trinitarian unity of the Son and the Father through the Spirit is a model for the relationships of men and women in the Spirit of Christ. The unity of the Church resides neither in the monarchy of God, nor … Continue reading

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Necessary Suffering

Jurgen Moltmann writes: Even more important, however, is the recognition that if Jesus were not “God’s son,” if God were not “in him,” then his suffering would have no divine meaning for the redemption of the world. It would disappear … Continue reading

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Ecclesiastical Escapism

Jeff Kennedy summarizes his case against pre-tribulationism: The case for a pretribulational event in Revelation rests on a patchwork of inferential ideas, none of which can withstand the scrutiny of rigorous hermeneutics. As it turns out, the pre-tribulationists only hope is to … Continue reading

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Pre-Tribulational Irrationality

Pre-Tribulationists argue that the church must be absent from earth from chapters 4-18 of Revelation because the term church is not used in these chapters.  However, as Kennedy observes, this rationale is utterly flawed: According to the pretribulational approach, one … Continue reading

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Pre-Tribulationism Critiqued by a Pre-Millennialist

The Pre-Millennialist Jeff Scott Kennedy writes in his paper An Ecclesiology of Escapism that Pre-Tribulationists fail to distinguish between “literal” and “literalistic.” Kennedy writes that the literal view allows that “figures of speech may well point to literal realities.” The … Continue reading

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N.T. Wright on Pentecost

There’s an old chorus which begins, ‘Turn your eyes upon Jesus; look full in his wonderful face’. That’s a great invitation, but sadly it goes on ‘and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of his … Continue reading

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Pentecostal Meal

Jesus is with His people at this table through the power of the Spirit. The Lord’s Table is a Pentecostal event. Even in Acts 2, we see that the disciples are breaking bread together. Food brings people together. This feast … Continue reading

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Basil the Great on Psalm-Singing: For, never has any one of the many indifferent persons gone away easily holding in mind either an apostolic or prophetic message, but they do chant the words of the psalms even in the home, … Continue reading

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On-Line Articles I’ve Read this week, XXV

Note: These posts will now appear once a week containing a list of all (or almost all) on-line articles I have read this week. Each article will be linked and a short paragraph from the article will be posted under … Continue reading

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Memorial Service Homily

The Death of Death in the Resurrection A Memorial Service Homily Friends, in the beginning of time, God sang the world into existence. When there was chaos, darkness, and void, the Spirit of God hovered over creation, the Word came … Continue reading

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Peter Lillback on Glenn Beck

When was the last time you heard Machen’s name on the national media?

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One Mind

In Babel they were of one mind, together in the same place pursuing a mission of their own. In Acts, they are of one mind, together in the same place pursuing the mission of God.

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Coming Down

In Babel, God came down in judgment. At Pentecost, God came down in fire.

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The Fragrance of God

In the Canadian Journal of Orthodox Christianity Adam A.J. Deville reviews Vigen Guroian’s little book The Fragrance of God. I have no gardening abilities or inclinations, but the review has me re-thinking future hobbies, and gardening may be one of … Continue reading

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Bucer’s Baptismal Theology

Joel Garver traces briefly the baptismal development of Martin Bucer.

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Alcohol: Random thoughts

#1 As one who drinks wine during the week and during the Lord’s Supper every Sunday, the issue surrounding whether one should consume or not is not a debate I have in my circles. In the CREC drinking is common, … Continue reading

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Ecclesiological poverty

Kevin Vanhoozer writes: The surface success of the evangelical church masks a conspicuous lack of biblical and theological substance when it comes to reflecting critically upon the nature and function of the church. The evangelical church may be wealthy, but the quantity and … Continue reading

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Baptismal Regeneration?

Craig Higgins writes in a footnote: When I have been asked if I believe in baptismal regeneration, I simply say, “not in the way that is commonly understood in evangelical circles.” No one in the Reformed tradition has taught that baptism automatically … Continue reading

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