Alcohol: Random thoughts

#1 As one who drinks wine during the week and during the Lord’s Supper every Sunday, the issue surrounding whether one should consume or not is not a debate I have in my circles. In the CREC drinking is common, and those who do not drink in the CREC find those who drink to be reasonable and moderate men. What I find is that non-drinkers in my small confederation ( by non-drinkers, I mean those who do not drink throughout the week, but partake of wine during the Eucharist) actually find a sense of freedom in seeing others partake. This may be due to the joy of seeing godly men drink as opposed to the ungodly examples around us.

#2 If a fundamentalist comes to our community and sees men and women drinking moderately and responsively this will have an incredible impact on the way he thinks about alcohol. Most fundamentalists assume alcohol drinkers are non-sober beasts. Yet exposing them to sober drinking is a revolutionary concept.

#3 Our series Wine Defined caused some reaction, mostly positive. But even those who struggle with the idea of a Christian drinking still struggles with the exegetical implications of his thinking. Biblically, God loves wine. It is His gift; His shalom to the nations.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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