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Ecclesiastical Escapism

Jeff Kennedy summarizes his case against pre-tribulationism: The case for a pretribulational event in Revelation rests on a patchwork of inferential ideas, none of which can withstand the scrutiny of rigorous hermeneutics. As it turns out, the pre-tribulationists only hope is to … Continue reading

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Pre-Tribulational Irrationality

Pre-Tribulationists argue that the church must be absent from earth from chapters 4-18 of Revelation because the term church is not used in these chapters.  However, as Kennedy observes, this rationale is utterly flawed: According to the pretribulational approach, one … Continue reading

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Pre-Tribulationism Critiqued by a Pre-Millennialist

The Pre-Millennialist Jeff Scott Kennedy writes in his paper An Ecclesiology of Escapism that Pre-Tribulationists fail to distinguish between “literal” and “literalistic.” Kennedy writes that the literal view allows that “figures of speech may well point to literal realities.” The … Continue reading

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