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Secret Salvation?

Eugene Peterson writes: God never makes private, secret salvation deals with people. His relationships with us are personal, true; intimate, yes; but private, no. We are a family in Christ. When we become Christians, we are among brothers and sisters in faith. … Continue reading

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Exhortation: Ascended Living

Grace, Mercy, and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. One author wrote that “conversion does not simply install a new “religious” program over the existing operating system. It installs a new operating system.”[1] This … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: Heavenly Invasion

Brothers and Sisters, the Church is God’s society among human societies. It is a heavenly city invading the earthly city. The world does not want this invasion, but Heaven wants this invasion. The incarnation makes this territorial conflict inevitable and … Continue reading

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Lions and their Territories

Yann Martel’s fascinating Life of Pi describes zoo life and all it entails. I know little about animals. Typically, I stay away from them and friends will tell you tales of how I have sought to persuade them not to … Continue reading

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Joyful Parenting

Leithart writes a great piece on the joyful parenting. He concludes: As we look in hope to the peaceable fruit of righteousness that God says He will bring, the whole of our parenting is suffused with coming joy.  Joy is … Continue reading

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Ascension (s) in Luke 24 and Acts 1

There is some level of debate over whether Luke 24 records The Ascension of Jesus to the right hand of the Father (as in Acts 1) or whether Luke 24 records a pre-figuring of The Ascension in Acts 1. Advocates … Continue reading

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Ascension Thursday!

Lift up your heads, O gates! And be lifted up, O ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. 8 Who is this King of glory? The Lord, strong and mighty, the Lord, mighty in battle! 9 Lift up your heads, O … Continue reading

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Sermon: John 16:23-33, Prioritizing Prayer and Peace

Audio Sermon Sermon: People of God, Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! As we come to the last two Sundays of the Easter Season, we begin to get a sense of the surpassing greatness of the resurrection. In our … Continue reading

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On Soccer and Maturity

The World Cup soon approaching means that the month of June will be saturated with a sport most Americans know little about. Yet, it is the world’s most cherished sport. As a Brazilian, I grew up cheering fanatically for my nation. … Continue reading

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On Postmillennialism with Joel McDurmon

I have been editing our old interviews on The latest one is an interview Jarrod and I did with Joel McDurmon of American Vision on eschatology. Here it is.

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Peter Gentry and Daniel’s Seventy Weeks

James Grant pointed me this morning to this interesting article on Daniel’s Seventy Weeks. Peter J. Gentry, Professor of Old Testament Interpretation at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has an article in the recentSouthern Baptist Journal of Theology titled, “Daniel’s Seventy … Continue reading

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It is hard to escape the historical implications of the resurrection. Christ has died and we died. Christ is risen and we are risen with Him. But also, history dies and history is risen with Him on the third day. … Continue reading

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Honoring the Church as Mother

Fellow CREC minister David Bostrom writes: The prevailing view of the Church today is not that great. Instead of viewing the Church as God’s ordained institution for bringing the kingdom of God to the world, the Church is largely considered … Continue reading

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The Sun is Up!

The Incarnation of the Word, and the resurrection of that Word from the dead, has entirely remade the world. We fail to recognize this because we don’t understand history—and the way the world actually was before Christ came into it. … Continue reading

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Baby Food Anyone?

Bojidar Marinov has some strong words about the Ligonier Conference this year: It’s about time for Ligonier Ministries to come out of the nursery. R.C. Sproul helped so many of us to make steps forward toward developing a solid Biblical … Continue reading

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Exhortation: Call Her Blessed

Grace, Mercy, and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ This church has been blessed with little ones. Over the years, we have had families with many kids. Their little sounds and their joy throughout … Continue reading

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Saturday Psalter: Psalm 24, The Earth is the Lord’s

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John Frame and Evangelicalism

In this interview, James Grant speak about Frame’s as controversialist and catholic. Pastor Grant is a contributor to the book Speaking the Truth in Love: The Theology of John Frame.

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Book Review #4 Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future

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Incense and Worship

The incense of the tabernacle indicates that God desires a special smell in His worship. As James Jordan observes: “Incense teaches us that worship is a unique environment.” If the smell of the tabernacle is unique to the worship environment, … Continue reading

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Jesus’ goal was to restore people to fellowship with God. It is the one great love by which God loved the world in His Son and which returns to him in those who, in the Name of His Son, turn … Continue reading

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Your Eschatology Informs your Worldview

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Resurrection Reality on Trinity Talk

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Tasting Grace

The same thing falls within our own experience in the present day; for he who has only tasted a little of the doctrine of the Gospel is more inflamed, and feels much greater energy in that small measure of faith, … Continue reading

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On that day…

In John 16, Jesus says that on that day they will no longer ask. This is a contrast to the previous narrative where the disciples are continually asking, revealing their uncertainty. But on that day, when Jesus is raised from … Continue reading

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Infrequent Celebration of the Supper is the Devil’s Work

What we have so far said of the Sacrament abundantly shows that it was not ordained to be received only once a year—and that, too, perfunctorily, as now is the usual custom. Rather it was ordained to be frequently used … Continue reading

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Training Little Ones Through New Eyes…

This is a topic dear to me. I have one daughter and another child on the way. My theological community places a great emphasis on children and their participation in the community. We do not place them in a special … Continue reading

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Crisis and Cycles…

James Jordan’s essay entitled Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future is proof that the Bible provides its own framework to understand biblical structure and structures of civilizations. The Bible is its own best interpreter. It provides patterns and visions of … Continue reading

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A Fit Bride

…God is in the business of changing humanity into a fit Bride, and so God breaks down all attempts to freeze history. –James B. Jordan in Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future, p.29

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