On-Line Articles I’ve Read this week, XXIV

Introduction to the South Beach Diet

Within days of adopting it, you’ll see that the South Beach Diet lifestyle allows you to eat healthy, delicious food that will not only promote weight loss and good health but will do so while satisfying your hunger. Now that’s a terrific recipe for living!

Journalist quits at 89 amid ‘hell’ firestorm

Longtime White House correspondent Helen Thomas has abruptly retired amid the fallout over her controversial statements about Israel, her employer announced Monday.

Israel and Outremer

Ten years later, though, only the military advantage endures. Diplomatically and demographically, Israel increasingly faces the same problems that bedeviled the 12th-century kings of Jerusalem.

Time detects safety flaws in ‘Creation’

Fire: Sure, fire gave man the opportunity to survive in a cold, hostile world and also provided the key to building a technological culture – from the Bronze Age to the Space Age. But at what cost? Even today, the power of fire far outpaces our ability to use it safely. Nearly 3,000 people die annually in the U.S. from fires and its dangerous byproducts: smoke and heat. That number could rise dramatically.

Learning from the Gores about the Grace of Separation

Far too often we are surprised by news that a couple is divorcing when we all thought things were fine. But seldom do we hear, as we did with Al and Tipper, that a couple is separating. Was this carefully crafted PR language to avoid the “dword”—or is this truly descriptive of their situation? Few know. Regardless, it provides an opportunity to discuss marital separation and what it can mean for marriage.

A Culture of Resurrection

Our church doesn’t have enough funerals,” associate pastor John Stoltzfus said in his annual All Saints’ Day sermon. In his suburban Mennonite congregation, members tend to leave the area after they retire. They move into denominational retirement communities, or they head south to warmer climates. Sometimes, older members will continue to spend their summers in the Chicago area but winter somewhere in the Sun Belt. So, in his eight years as senior pastor, Todd Friesen has performed just ten funerals. Other pastors he knows who serve at churches where retired members stay in the area perform on average one funeral a week.


About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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