On-Line Articles I’ve Read this week, XXV

No Mystique about Feminism

When historians set out to date the moment when the women’s movement of the 1970s officially consolidated its gains, they could do worse than settle on last Tuesday’s primaries.

“Anti-Vuvuzela filters” promise quiter world cup

Somali Soccer Fans executed by Radical Muslims for watching World Cup

Gunmen believed to be from a radical Islamic group in northeast Mogadishu, Somalia, shot two people dead during an impromptu raid on a house where people were watching a World Cup match Saturday night, Reuters reports.

When Kissinger calls, it’s World Cup Time!

My own prediction? The winner, in order of likelihood, will come from: Spain, Brazil, the Netherlands, Argentina, Italy, Germany. Possible surprise? Ghana. And if America does well, President Obama will benefit. As Kissinger knows, U.S. indifference to soccer has long been a source of intense global suspicion.

The Best Weapon against North Korea’s lies: information

Other options have failed. We should test if the North Korean regime can survive the collapse of its lies.

Ergun Caner, Ex-Muslim, Evangelical Leader, exposed as fake

An unrepentant Caner maintains his innocence, saying that he “never intentionally misled anyone.” He blames the campaign to discredit him on Calvinists and their Muslim interlocutors. At the same time, many of his duped followers are refusing to accept reality. They are taking their anger out on those who have exposed the fraud and not on the charlatan himself.

The Legitimacy of Inferences

All of these arguments are initially attractive because of their simplicity. Obviously, simplicity is not the criterion for truth.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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