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Philosophers and Acts 17

Peter Leithart warns “…that it is significant that the apostle Paul appeared before kings, magistrates, presumably Caesar, and that he preached in synagogues, in stadia and in the temple. Only once, to our knowledge, did he preach to philosophers, and … Continue reading

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Internet Culture?

David Brooks’ op-ed on the New York Times is very insightful. He makes the case that the internet culture produces better conversationalists, whereas the literary culture produces better students. Nicholas Carr’s book which challenges the internet culture for producing a short attention … Continue reading

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Proverbs and Sleep

What type of sleep is Proverbs condemning in chapter 10: 5? According to Waltke, it refers to a “person in a state of sleep that is so deep, traumatic, and narcotic-like that he is totally unconscious of his surroundings.”  Gary … Continue reading

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