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Why Blowback?

Johnson notes that the US has maintained troops all over the world, especially those countries that are most offended by US presence. “Devoutly Muslim citizens of that kingdom (Saudi Arabia) see their presence as a humiliation to the country and … Continue reading

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Political Hypocrisy

In his chapter on Stealth Imperialism, Chalmers Johnson notes that many of the outspoken champions of reducing the federal budget are “profligate when it comes to funding arms industries in their localities (91).” He cites former House Speaker Newt Gingrich … Continue reading

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Politico Credo

Typology is not a thing of the past; it is the way of the future. As Leithart notes: If the Church is to recover the gospel, she must recover typological interpretation and learn to repat, without irony or embarrassment and … Continue reading

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On Reading the Past

Reading is a societal aspect of life. In one sense, reading is life. We are trained from our earliest days to read the world. This is what our Dutch Reformed forefathers referred to worldview. We are trained to look at … Continue reading

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Heaven, Hell, and Everything Else that is right…

In the Five Perspectives on Emerging Churches, Mark Driscoll opens the book/debate format with a classy and strong affirmation of central biblical truths. His chapter is entitled The Emerging Church and Biblicist Theology. My own theological tradition has a lot … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: A Shalom Meal

Brothers and Sisters, bread and wine are offered for us because it is part of God’s economic process. He used image-bearers to make this bread and to provide this wine. He gives us bread, which is alpha food representing the … Continue reading

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Bavinck on Positivism

Matthew Roberts’ piece on Bavinck’s prolegomena discusses Bavinck’s scathing critique of positivism, which asserts that “we can only be certain things which are proved by objective evidence. (88). Bavinck observes  that we can be certain that “our subjective perception of … Continue reading

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What’s Ruth about?

I am beginning a new series this Sunday on Ruth, which will take our congregation all the way until the Advent Season in late November. One brief observation to make is that Ruth is the eighth book in Scriptures, and … Continue reading

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On-Line Articles I’ve Read this week, 32

Ron Paul: Left and the Right Demagogue Mosque, Islam How Darwin Sustains My Baptist Search for Truth (standard evolutionist rhetoric) America’s Healthiest Pleasures: 10 “vices” that are good for you On Darwin and Darwinism: A Letter to Professor Giberson Key Karzai Aide … Continue reading

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Not I, But Christ; Instrumental Music

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A Dose of Catholicity

Doug Wilson quotes from A.A. Hodge: “In all Churches a distinction is made between the terms upon which private members are admitted to membership, and the terms upon which office-bearers are admitted to their sacred trusts of teaching and ruling. … Continue reading

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What the Liturgy does…

Aidan Kavanaugh writes: The Sunday liturgy of Christians addresses itself primarily to the object of the assembly’s ministry, the world. The Sunday liturgy is not the Church assembled to address itself. The liturgy thus does not cater to the assembly. … Continue reading

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Psalmically-Saturated Education

My brief address to the staff at Trinitas Christian School in Pensacola, Fl The Lord be with you. One of my greatest joys as a churchman, one who breathes ecclesiastical air, is the music of the Church. There is music … Continue reading

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Lewis and Tolkien

On the frequent spats and insults that peppered Lewis’s friendship with J.R.R. Tolkien, Joseph Bottum quotes and concludes: “No harm in him,” Lewis wrote after one discussion with his friend, “only needs a smack or so.” One could say the … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: Antithesis Confirmed

Brothers and Sisters, our Lord Jesus has taught us that He came to bring life and salvation. On this table, Jesus gives us life. At this table, Jesus makes the antithesis clear: Bread and Wine for my people only. This … Continue reading

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On-Line Articles I’ve Read this week, 31

Deconstructing Harry Reid New York Mosque: Bigotry Rears Its Head A Lifetime, Washed Away Biblical Counseling in Academia Wanted: A few stand-up candidates

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Exhortation: Music as Culture

Music reflects the culture of a church.  Whether for good or ill, what you sing establishes the tone of worship. We are conveying something when we sing. Music in worship is not just a past-time to get to the real … Continue reading

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Bavinck and Man as the Image of God

In the first volume of Ecclesia Reformanda, Matthew Roberts discusses Herman Bavinck’s Prolegomena. For Bavinck, the center of God’s creation is man as image of God. The original intent in the garden remains God’s “purpose and… goal in creation (82).” Hence, … Continue reading

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Stealth Imperialism

I continue to read through Chalmers Johnson’s excellent book Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire. As many of you may know, this book was widely read during the 2008 campaign thanks to the influence of Dr. Ron Paul. … Continue reading

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Warren Gage on War

Warren Gage in his latest article The Crisis in Protestant Biblical Theology writes of the conspicuous influence of the Reformation on the western world. In a footnote he observes: It is a measure of the loss of an awareness of … Continue reading

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Leithartian Gems…

Babel produced different languages calling on different gods; Pentecost produced the firstfruits of a re-united humanity, every tongue confessing in its own way that Jesus is Lord (51). Contextualization be damned. The Church’s mission is not to accommodate her language to the … Continue reading

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Mike Bull notes in a footnote (Bible Matrix; pg. 49) that the three central patterns of Scriptures: Creation, Feasts and Dominion correspond to Word, Sacrament and Government. The pattern of Scriptures, which points us to Christ, also points us to … Continue reading

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Lectionary Resources

For those who preach from the lectionary, here’s a terrific resource with great commentaries, patristic resources, journal articles, and much more.

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Emerging Churches

While on vacation in Gatlinburg, TN, I spent an entire morning in a large bookstore. Though the Christian books’ section was quite small and largely undeserving of my attention, I did find a few gems for $3-6. Among them were … Continue reading

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Why I Preach from the Lectionary…

Joel Garver offers great apologetic for lectionary preaching: If one were to use the lectionary over a twelve year period, focusing the homilies during each three year cycle upon a different one of the readings, it would be possible in … Continue reading

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Infants and Kingdom

My friend Bill DeJong says the following about Mark 10:13:15:  Jesus receives infant children and blesses them, saying, “for of such is the kingdom of God.” Baptists are fond of saying that the kingdom is for those of age and maturity who … Continue reading

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On-Line Articles I’ve Read this week, 30

Taking a Break From the Lord’s Work Media Companies Try Getting Social With Tumblr Grief: Finding Hope Again On Giving Up US Economic Outlook: Indebted to Death Rev. Michael Rodriguez: Every Catholic must oppose certain things The Republican Party and Our Last … Continue reading

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Video Book Review #7 A Primer on Worship and Reformation by Douglas Wilson

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Finding Hope in Grief

Paul Tripp offers some profound insights into death. One of the more important observations was the following: God doesn’t call you to stifle your grief or put on a happy face when you are crushed. He doesn’t expect you to … Continue reading

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Proverbs 10:10-16; Money, Morality, and the Mouth (series on Proverbs 10)

Sermon Audio Sermon: People of God, Lady Wisdom teaches us that how we use our bodies determine our future. She also teaches us that our actions and words affect much more than ourselves; it affects our community. It changes people … Continue reading

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