Taking a Break from the Lord’s Work

That’s the title of Paul Vitello’s piece on the New York Times. Studies show that ministers refuse to take time off from work for a variety of reasons. “Members of the clergy now suffer from obesity, hypertension and depression at rates higher than most Americans.” The article observes that mainline denominations are working to ensure that their ministers take at least a day off during the week and their regular 2-4 week vacation each year.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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2 Responses to Taking a Break from the Lord’s Work

  1. A. Amos Love says:

    Is it possible the reason “Burnout” and
    “Depression” is such a problem
    for **Today’s** “Pastor/Leader” is
    they have found themselves with

    a “Title” and “Position” NOT found in the Bible?

    Did anyone have the “Title” “pastor” in the Bible?
    Was anyone ordained a “pastor” in the Bible?
    Any congregations “led” and “taught”
    by a “pastor” in the Bible?

    And every “pastor” I’ve met
    also had the “Title” “Reverend.”

    Anyone with the “Title” Reverend in the Bible?

    Had a friend, an Episcopal Priest,
    would tease him about all the “Titles” he carried.
    Priest, Father, Pastor, Vicar, Rector, Reverend.
    Would ask him…
    Any believers, in the Bible, with these “Titles?”

    Jesus taught “His Disciples”
    NOT to be called “Master/Leader”
    For you have “ONE” “Master/Leader” The Christ.
    Mat 23:8-10 KJV

    Ezekiel 14:1-7, speaks about “Idols of the Heart,”
    and now God will speak to us according
    to the “Idols of our Heart.”
    Is the “Title” “Pastor/Leader” an “Idol?”

    In my experience…

    Titles become Idols.
    Pastors become Masters.

    Along with the “Title” and “Position” comes
    “A Little Bit Extra.”
    Power, Profit, Prestige, Glory, Honor, Reputation.

    All “Idols” of the heart,
    heavy weights on shoulders NOT easy to lay down.

    And other sheep I have,
    which are not of this fold:
    them also I must bring,
    and they shall “hear MY voice;”
    and there shall be “ONE” fold,
    and “ONE” shepherd.
    John 10:16

    One Fold – One Shepherd – One Voice.
    If Not Now, When?

    Be blessed in your search for Truth… Jesus.

  2. Uri Brito says:

    Wait, haven’t we gone this route before? Haven’t I proven that your position has NOhistorical basis nor Scriptural basis?

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