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Head and Body

Mike Bull notes in his excellent book, Bible Matrix that a crucial element to grasp in systematic typology is that of the “head and body” (63). Adam, he writes, “goes through the pattern as the head of the human race. … Continue reading

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Relational, Not Propositional

John Burke’s response to Mark Driscoll’s chapter is quite good. I am not sure how these things are lived out in his own context, but they do make a lot of sense. Driscoll’s strong and dogmatic evangelical convictions may appear … Continue reading

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Augustinian Project

Leithart writes that the church operates in an Eusebian mode giving “uncritical adulation to American Constantines (64).” What is the solution? What the Church needs is a renewal of the Augustinian project. We need to disentangle the American story from … Continue reading

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