Moving Things…

A long, but satisfying Tuesday. I began the day quite early going over some of my notes for my class on the Psalter. Having done some previous work (sermon and lesson) on Psalm 23, I re-arranged a few notes and used them for my class. Among many things, Psalm 23, is a war psalm; certainly a very different picture than commonly observed. Yahweh’s rod and staff are weapons and his table are for victors. The gentle Jesus is actually the warrior Jesus who will do everything to defend and protect his flock. The Psalms are holy war songs. The home-schoolers responded well. We concluded with the famous St. Columba’s tune to The King of Love My Shepherd is. It is quite a splendid tune, though I wish someone will compose a better arrangement of it with a stronger and more upbeat melody to reflect its war-like nature.

I had promised my lovely wife that I would take the day off. We took a tour of the hospital where she will be delivering. The tour was painfully long and the guide repeated the same things over and over again…did I say “over and over again?” At the end Melinda was as ready for lunch as I was. Our meal was tasty and enjoyably caloric. We ate and felt satisfied. After a quick trip to Books-A-Million and a rare–at least for me–caramel apple frappe we headed back to pick up my daughter from a friend’s house.

The evening was quite eventful since we are transporting hundreds of books from my home office–which now is no longer!–to my church office. The result was an almost empty home office and a chaotically filled church office with books everywhere. See for yourself.

I still managed to work out at the gym afterwards. A long, but satisfying Tuesday. If every day could be as profitable.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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