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Exhortation: Remember what Yahweh has done…

Every time we read the laws in the Old Covenant we are constantly confronted with these words: “Remember what Yahweh did for you in Egypt…remember what He did for you.” It is not uncommon to hear the criticism that the … Continue reading

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Communion Meditation: Community Meal

Brothers and Sisters, we have taken refuge under the wings of the Lord and part of that means getting fed at his table, just as Ruth is fed at the table of Boaz.  We have fellowship with Jesus just as … Continue reading

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On-Line Articles I’ve Read this week, 37

Actor Tony Curtis Dies “When someone remarked that it must be thrilling to kiss Monroe in the film’s love scenes, the actor snapped, “It’s like kissing Hitler.” In later years, his opinion of Monroe softened, and in interviews he praised … Continue reading

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Saturday Psalter: Psalm 99 by the Sons of Korah

Psalm 99

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Van Til on the Antithesis

Every time any human being opens his mouth to say anything, he either says that God is or that God is not a reality. It could not be otherwise. God claims to control every fact. –Cornelius Van Til, “Our Attitude … Continue reading

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Affirm or Deny?

Rushdoony in his classic work The Mythology of Science summarizes the only two options available in the scientific quest: Men will either presuppose God, or they will presuppose themselves as the basic reality of being. If they assume themselves to … Continue reading

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