On-Line Articles I’ve Read this week, 37

Actor Tony Curtis Dies

“When someone remarked that it must be thrilling to kiss Monroe in the film’s love scenes, the actor snapped, “It’s like kissing Hitler.” In later years, his opinion of Monroe softened, and in interviews he praised her unique talent.”

Sen. Coburn on Christine O’Donnel

“One of the reasons our economy is in trouble is that people don’t have much confidence in the future. So they’re looking for real leadership that will take on this nasty behemoth known as the federal government and start trimming it down.”

Abolish Public Schools

Why Pro-Abortion is Anti-Science

A Better way to Pick a President

“Although a Niagara of vitriol is drenching politics, the two parties are acting sensibly and in tandem about something once considered a matter of constitutional significance — the process by which presidential nominations are won.”

My least Favorite “text” is the Torah

Cafferty says he will eat CNN’s building if Palin wins in 2012

Rush Limbaugh: Obama twisting the Scriptures

Stephen Colbert becomes another circus of Congress’ making

“Colbert and Jon Stewart have more than enough material to lampoon politicians without Congress inviting them over for more. As usual, Stewart said it best, during his show Monday night. “Of course Colbert is more embarrassed than the House of Representatives,” he said. “Colbert still has dignity and integrity left to lose.”

Bob Woodward’s book portrays a great divide over Afghanistan

Be Very Afraid: The “Experts” are running the economy

The Political Wildcard

“In some ways, Ms. O’Donnell is a case study in how a relative unknown can ride a curiosity factor, media wave and a political movement to overnight celebrity.”

A Year in Mp3’s

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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