Reading Blogs

I am a voracious blog reader. I read approximately 10 blogs a day. I go through a similar blog liturgy every day. Blogs can be fresh and challenging at times, while they can also be disturbingly infantile. This is why I am very selective in what I read and though no one is craving for my blog readership I want to list a couple of things that absolutely frustrate me about blogs–though some may not share my frustration:

First, blogs which contain any variation of  “continue reading” will not be on my top ten list. The only rare exception to this rule is probably Tim Challies’ blog, which I read frequently. Yet, I rarely if ever click on the “Keep Reading” link. My impression is that if it didn’t make it on the front page then it isn’t all that important. I am generally right about this.

Second, long posts are laborious. Unless it is an article you have written or a lengthy quotation, these posts are generally unnecessary. Save it for a book. Save it for yourself. Or better, divide the lengthy piece into five posts. It means you will have material for the whole week.

Third, pugilistic writing is obnoxious and there should be a law against it. Certain bloggers love the attention they receive from their theological punches. They write inflammatory theo-speak to attract inflammatory people. As one counselor put it: Quit it! There is nothing wrong with offering critiques and taking someone to task over some comment, but to make this the central emphasis of your blog is just repugnant.

Fourthly, if you want my faithful readership then blog frequently and effectively. Blog something everyday. Get into the habit of doing so. Blog quotes you read, a link you found helpful, a you tube video you found amusing or a brief summary of your day. If you blog once every week or once every other week you will have lost my interest. Blogs require consistency to attract readers.

As one who has been blogging for almost seven years I have learned quite a bit about this modern art…I beg you to take heed to my words.

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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2 Responses to Reading Blogs

  1. Uri Brito says:

    I should note, of course, that I have probably broken all these rules once or twice in these last seven…and I have learned.

  2. KevinH says:

    For what it is worth, I disagree with #4. I say only blog if you have something worth saying. I actually prefer low volume blogs. For example, I would love to read everything Douglas Wilson writes, but that man writes faster than I read. I depend on you or Rob to pick out the best and pass it along.

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