On-Line Articles I’ve Read this week, 39

The Quiet Faith Behind Colbert’s Right-Wing Funnyman

“When Colbert finally let his well-coiffed hair down and got serious about the “really, really hard work” done by migrant farmworkers, even more people were surprised when the funnyman gave a glimpse of his private faith.”

The Unfair Game

Chile Rejoices as Capsule Brings Miners to Freedom

“With anxious anticipation increasingly yielding to exuberant celebration, more than half of the 33 men trapped under a half-mile of rock for more than two months have emerged to the arms of their families and an electrified nation.”

Zinfadel steps back from the Abyss

Tea-Party Frontrunner: Abolish the Public School System

“Harmer, however, is apparently okay with subjecting his own children to the “life-ruining effects” of public schools: They reportedly attend public school in an upscale suburb of San Ramon. And should Harmer’s master plan be carried out, his wife, Elayne, would be out of a job—she’s a substitute teacher.”

Dithering on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Making Peace by Serving Wings (Darryl Strawberry after fame)

Two Murdered in Pakistan

Modest and Bold

“Although the gospel does not always yield specific answers to individual social and political questions, we entertain the hope that its influence will widen the sympathies and make wise the souls of those who live by it. This hope, too, is modest. It is not a utopian dream but the reasonable expectation of gaining—by God’s grace—a somewhat better world.”

Did the Ancient Israelites drink beer? (fascinating article)

New Yorkers Mistake Balloons for UFO’s

Do Baptists Baptize Their Babies?

Babies Born on 8/8, 9/9, 10/10, 2010

Do Reformed Christians Confess the Sabbath?

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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