On-Line Articles I’ve Read this week, 40

Rand Paul refuses to shake hands with an opponent

Obama’s rallying for Democrats

Banks shared Clients Profits, bu not losses

Healthy Family-Friendly Meals

Auburn N0. 4 in BCS

Polls Show Support for Cuomo

“The poll indicates that the Tea Party movement is somewhat less strong in New York than nationally. Seventeen percent of voters in the New York poll consider themselves to be supporters of the movement, while 22 percent of voters nationwide do. Among those New Yorkers who do, nearly half consider Mr. Paladino to be one of their own.”

From that…

“We needed the fall to be better than the summer, and it has been. The beautiful weather, the glorious break from the heat, and now a celebration on a beach that a few short months ago we feared might be lost for years to come.”

Maybe we really do get what we deserve

Video Store Still bucks new trend

Interval Exercise Outside and In

Parties Feed Discontent to rile the masses (well-written article)

Whoever Wins, Issues Remain

Bank of America Fees

Narnia Invaded (best article I read this week)

“Aslan, without his appallingly hierarchical claws, is just another pussycat. I myself would prefer to hear him roar.”

Biblical Views: Virgin Mary in Modern Art with Traditional Christian Values

“After all, Christians rejoice at the unthinkable, that God was born to a human mother and that a king was laid in a manger. And this helpless baby grew up to turn the world’s values upside down, announcing that “many who are first will be last, and the last will be first” (Matthew 19:30). Perhaps similarly, first impressions can be last, and the last thing you might expect can be true.”

The Never-Ending Clarence Thomas Saga

The Democratic Vision of Big Brother

“American politics often is a dialectic of disappointments. Nov. 2 may remind the apostle of change that (as a 2008 Republican bumper sticker warned) “Every Disaster is a Change.”‘

National, Politically-Correct Radio

Huckabee Calls on Congress to Cut Funding for NPR

But enough about me

“President Obama reminds me of the type of man so many single women complain about on a date. He only wants to talk about himself: “But enough about me, now what do you think about me?”

The Multi-Cultural Cult

“Cultural differences matter. They have always mattered, however much that may be denied today by the multicultural cult.”

About Uri Brito

I am the Pastor of Providence Church (CREC) in Pensacola, Fl.
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