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No King In Israel?

In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes. The irony of this is that Yahweh was king in Israel, but the people did not acknowledge Yahweh as king, rather they … Continue reading

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Wright the VanTillian

Stewart summarizes: Wright stresses that ʻwe cannot stand outside our own worldviews, any more than we can see without our own eyes.

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Lexington on the Tea Party

I am certainly not in agreement with most of the Tea Party agenda–if there is one– but with this I agree.  Lexington says, “in how many other countries would a powerful populist movement demand less government, rather than endlessly and … Continue reading

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Story or Propositions?

Stewart writes: Wright does not discourage either philosophical reflection upon the biblical story or systematic theologizing. What he does reject is beginning with theological propositions and moving to the story, rather than approaching theology from the foundation of story.

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N.T. Wright and Worldviews

Robert Stewart summarizes N. T. Wright’s view of worldviews by stating that for Wright “worldviews are never understood individually until they have first been understood corporately.”

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David Broder and War with Iran

David Broder’s macabre suggestion that President Obama would win the 2012 elections if he went to war with Iran has caused quite a reaction from Patrick Buchanan. Broder suggests that the economy would improve if Obama was at war with … Continue reading

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