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The Greater Joseph; or, Ruler Over All

One of my goals this year is to read through Genesis 12 times.  It has been quite  a profitable exercise. The Genesis story reveals the story of all redemption with pictures and images of things to come. Joseph’s authority in … Continue reading

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Being a Disciple

“Being a disciple of Jesus is not primarily a matter of getting the right ideas and doctrines and beliefs into your head in order to guarantee proper behavior; rather, it’s a matter of being the kind of person wholoves rightly—who … Continue reading

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Imaging the Triune Life; or Living Perichoretically

Because we are made in God’s image, God is the model for humanity. The Father, Son, and Spirit mutually indwell one another’s lives (Jn. 13-17). The theological term for this is “perichoresis.” “Peri” is Greek for “around.” We get the … Continue reading

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Lenten Quote, Day 7

Lent is the season of Thanksgiving for the penitent. If truly so, and the confession is sincere, there are no places in his mind which he is afraid to disclose. His penitence and confession has secured pardon, and it is … Continue reading

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