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Jesus’ Weakness

Concerning Jesus’ weariness in John 4, St. Augustine writes that Jesus “fashioned us by His strength, He sought us by His weakness.” Augustine is saying that Jesus sought us in his weakness, that is to say, in his humanity; in His … Continue reading

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Moving Towards People

Ed Welch writes that in times of trouble and distress, we are called to move towards people not away from them. He writes: We were created to be a people. The created intent of human beings was that we would … Continue reading

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Lenten Quote, Day 15

Fasting looks like an enemy to life, but the opposite is true. We live abundantly only if we know how to fast—which is to say, only if we are disciplined to wait until the feast is ready. Lent trains us … Continue reading

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Jesus, Lover of My Soul

Jesus as lover embraces the bride in an imperfect condition. The bride is not lovable or attractive. She still needs a lot more beautification before the wedding feast. She needs to stop clinging to her past and putting aside her … Continue reading

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Bricks and Idolatry

Leirthart notices that bricks are typically associated with idolatry in Isaiah. He writes: Babel is the first brick construction in Scripture (Genesis 11:3).    They burn earthy clay to make it into building material for the city and teh tower … Continue reading

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