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Living Publicly

Ed Welch offers a beautiful vision of living publicly. He focuses mainly on addiction as a hindrance to living publicly. Welch observes: If there is one ecumenical feature of most theologies it is this: God sees and hears. He is … Continue reading

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John’s narrative in chapter nine is a clear case of oversimplification. The disciples asked a question about the correspondence between sin and suffering. Their answer was partially correct, but they failed to see the complexity of the issue; to put … Continue reading

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Dignified Death?

David Mills at First Things offers powerful and sobering thoughts on what the death of his father taught him. He writes: “Death with dignity” seems to offer not only an escape from pain and humiliation but a rational and apparently … Continue reading

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Lenten Quote, Day 18

In the long and difficult effort of spiritual recovery, the Church does not separate the body from the soul. The whole man has fallen away from God; the whole man is to be restored, the whole man is to return. … Continue reading

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Little Children in Worship

I have been reading several parenting books in these last few months. Lately I have been working through Robbie Castleman’s delightful Parenting in the Pew (review to come). On a section dealing with how children belong, she quotes Stanley Hauerwas’s … Continue reading

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