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666 and Neron Caesar

Leithart wants the best of both worlds by reconciling Jim Jordan and Richard Bauckham. In my estimation, he succeeds: 666 is the numerical value of Neron Caesar, spelled in Hebrew letters.  It’s the number of a man.  As Richard Bauckham … Continue reading

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Galilee and Jerusalem

Concerning Galilee, I observed in my Easter sermon: After they confirm the empty tomb, they are sent to Galilee. Matthew tends to place emphasis on Galilee. The reason he does so, is to contrast it with Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the … Continue reading

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A Prayer for Texas

With Governor Perry’s call for prayer in Texas, I am reminded of Calvin’s observations in Psalm 148: …however parched the earth may be by long continued heat, God can promptly send rain which will remove the drought at his pleasure. It … Continue reading

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Everything is Dependent on God

Calvin’s observation on Psalm 148 is another description of the complete dependence of everything in heaven and on earth of God: And, speaking of the creation, he adds what is even more worthy of observation, that he gave that law … Continue reading

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